August 9, 2007



The boys

August 9, 2007

Thought you should have the benefit of seeing some of the turkeys who fertilize my lawn and gardens.  Unfortunately, we’re too late in the mating season to see any of the displays of rampant tail feathers, intended to impress the ladies.  These “boys” we think are some of the adolescent males who have not yet found their own “honeys.”


July 19, 2007

I still don’t see the point of Rollyo; I can’t figure out how to use it; and even when I look at Diane’s, I can’t fathom it.  There may be some remedial help required….

Google tips

July 19, 2007

I’ve finally listened to all the Google search tip Youtube videos, as did all my neighbors.  I’m sure they appreciated the reinforcement of information.  And the tips were great!  Search history will be very useful at the desk, especially when I’m searching for some arcane bit of information for a patron, and I’ve forgotten where I’ve looked for the info (worse when when we’re busy at the desk and I’ve said I’ll call back….) And the birthplace tip and ability to search only gov sites (MedlinePlus, especially) will be helpful with those medical questions.  Also helpful for the NYTimes crosswords on Sunday!

Irises in my garden

July 5, 2007


For all you doubting thomases, who don’t really believe that wretched bambi saunters through my yard at will, note the “forest” behind my island.  I’m still mastering the digital camera (thank you, Sue, once again!) but I’ll try to get a more complete image of the back yard.  Anyway, I’m now specializing in plants that I haven’t seen bambi nibble on—certainly the choices are fewer and fewer!  And White Flower Farm continues to hype peonies and daffs as “deer resistant”.  Are they the only ones?

Success at last!

July 5, 2007

One more effort and finally success at uploading!  Now to try to download pictures from the digital camera (which I don’t know how to review) and upload them on Flickr.  Always something new to learn.  Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks (with a little remedial help?)


July 5, 2007

hawkSue and I think we’ve managed to find and upload the hawk image.  It seems more convoluted than it needs to be, but, hey, once again, I’m not in charge!  Don’t have any idea where the photo I thought I uploaded last week is now.  Somewhere in cyberspace like so many of my efforts in the last 10 years….

Moving on

June 29, 2007

I haven’t finished the Flickr work section, but I’m moving on.  I keep getting stuck trying to complete Flickr, and figure I’ll move on to the next lesson.  I did upload a photo SOMEWHERE, God alone knows where, and I’m not feeling tremendously optimistic about or competent in this whole section.  So Flickr completion will have to wait.  With any luck the next section/lesson on Wikis will a little less foreign to me.

Flickr upload

June 27, 2007

Thank goodness the library has digital photos somewhere on the computers!  I think I have managed to upload a photo, chosen solely because I could figure out what the picture was, on to my blog. 

Mastering all this is not helped by the fact that I only intermittantly access the wordpress site and then try to remember what I did the last time,  just where I am in what lesson and what part of that lesson, and what I still need to do to complete the lesson.   At some point I think I’ll be caught up with LLLL2 (good to have a goal, don’t cha think?)

More on Flickr

June 22, 2007

Hard as it is to believe, I don’t actually have much to say.  I’ve registered with Yahoo so I can get entered into Flickr, and what a pain Yahoo is!  I now remember why I’ve let many Yahoo email accounts lapse….  “oh there’s a problem,” but Yahoo doesn’t tell you what it is, and the time things take to load.  Jimminy Christmas!  At any rate, it’s done and I’ll explore Flickr some more next week. The cinnamon swirl (?) blueberry cake recipe is in the staff room.  I can’t figure out why the Courant gave it that title, since there is no “swirl” direction in the recipe, but enjoy, everyone!